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Make Project Reports for Mudra, PMEGP, MSME, & more

For any Govt. Loan Scheme, create a complete 27-page Detailed Project Report / Business Plan / CMA Data with our advanced software in minutes

How it WorksComplete Loan Process in 3 Steps

1. Create Your Project Report

Simply enter a few details & our software will make a full report with Balance Sheet, DSCR, EMI Schedule, and more automatically

2. Apply for Loan Online

Upload our project report on government loan scheme portals such as PMEGP, Mudra, Standup India, MSME, or on the bank's website.

3. Process Your Loan with the Bank

Once you submit your application online, your chosen bank branch will review and upon approval, your loan will be sanctioned!

₹ 849.6 Crores of Bank Loans Processed with our Project Report in the last 90 days

BenefitsWhy Choose Us

Most Affordable

Starting at only ₹399, our charges are 1/10th of the cost compared to traditional methods

Automated & Quick

Our software automatically generates complete financial projections and takes less than 20 minutes

Professional Quality

Made by CAs & Experts, our software is the only platform you can create a detailed 25-page report.

High Success Rate

Our reports are accepted in all Indian banks and loan schemes, increasing your chances of approval

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What Our Users Say

Pramod Gupta
Stitching Unit Owner

It is UNBELIEVABLE; it took me only a few minutes to make my Project Report with Fortrisk Consulting software.

I applied for Mudra Loan online on the same day. The bank called me for verification. As the software's project report was very detailed & accurate, I really had to explain very little to the bank. I got my loan sanctioned easily. Thank you.

Vineet Chandane
Food Processing Factory Owner

I URGENTLY needed a PMEGP loan to buy machinery. The loan agent told me that it would take at least 3 weeks to make a Project Report.

Thank you, Fortrisk Consulting, for giving this online software to business people like me. I could prepare a Detailed Project Report in no time, and that too in less than ₹1000.

Kanti Vavia
Garment Factory Owner

"I was first not sure when my partner told me that for our next loan application he wants to use Fortrisk report Builder. But now I know how he was able to do it so FAST … and we GOT THE MSME LOAN we wanted – It's amazing!

This UNBELIEVABLE software took only a few minutes of work & got us the Loan Approval so EASILY!”

Computer Assembly and Servicing

Even after paying ₹15,000/- to an expert, my loan was not approved. Bank told me that my Project Report had many mistakes. Thank God for Fortrisk Consulting. I, myself, could prepare a Impressive 27 page Project & CMA report online! The Bank was very satisfied & my loan was APPROVED instantly

Trading - Agri Products

"Even after paying Ra. 10,000/- for a CMA report, my loan was not approved. Bank told me that my report has many mistakes. I didn't know what to do and I needed finance very urgently.

Thank God for Fortrisk Consulting, I, myself, could prepare the report so easily and that too in 1 day! The BANK WAS VERY IMPRESSED and my loan was processed smoothly."

Raju Shah
Wholesale Trader

I thought that I would not be able to make Project Report for a Bank Loan with no accounting knowledge. But Fortrisk Consulting Software is SO EASY TO USE. It did all the complex calculations for me, and I got an expert-level project report in no time!

Fantastic software, saves a lot of Money & Time, and I don't have to be dependent on someone else for my business loan matters.

Suresh Shetty
Restaurant Owner

I needed a CC loan VERY URGENTLY, and the loan agent told me that it will take at least 3 weeks to get a CMA Report.

Thank you Fortrisk Consulting for giving Online CMA Report Software to businessmen like me. I could prepare & download my Report within 1 day only!

Jay Shah
Shop Owner

I thought that with no accounts knowledge, I will not be able to use this software. but THANKS to the SUPPORT TEAM, they helped me a lot. I am very happy with this software. Now, I don't have to pay high fees for CMA report every year for renewal.

Amazing software, SAVES LOT OF MONEY AND TIME and I don't have to be dependant on someone else for my business loan matters.

....and thousands of more such stories

20,000+ business owners have already registered here

Most Affordable Pricing

Simple, No Hidden Costs, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Standard Plan

Make a Basic 15-page Report. Ideal for Small Loans up to ₹5 lakhs or Single Asset Loans like Vehicle, Machinery, etc.


Most Popular in Banks

Premium Plan

Detailed (up to 27 pages) Report, for all loans & ideal for Govt Schemes like Mudra, PMEGP, Standup India, etc.


Professional Plan

Get a Customized Project Report made by our CA as per Bank parameters.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Project Report?

    It is mainly a financial data report that most banks ask if you need a loan for your business. It explains why you need the Bank Loan, what will be your future business income, how will you repay the loan, etc.

    Be it a Project Loan, Term Loan, or Working Capital/ CC Loan, the banks rely very much on this report to determine eligibility for sanctioning loans.

    What calculations/working do I have to do?

    NONE. The most significant advantage of using our Online software is that you only need to enter a few details. Our software will predict the best possible projections for you and auto-calculate all the data as per the Bank format.

    You can have a Bankable Report ready in just 15 minutes!

    What are your charges?

    We have 3 plans:

    Standard Plan -Make a Basic Project Report wth Our Online Software. This plan costs only Rs. 399/- and you can do multiple edits and downloads for 10 days.

    Premium Plan -Make a Detailed Project Report wth Our Online Software. This plan costs only Rs. 999/- and you can do multiple edits and downloads for 21 days.

    Premium Plan - Your Report will be personally prepared by CAs for charges starting as low as Rs. 2499/-. The charges will depend upon your loan application amount.

    How to write Project Report? What is the Format?

    A Project Report is a complex report that combines general business data, project investment details, and future financial projections. It is a crucial document in your loan application.

    If you use our Online Software, you need not worry about the report format, accuracy of data, etc. Our most advanced software will automatically make a complete report for you.

    Can I edit the Report on your software?

    Yes, Absolutely. With just few details, our Smart Software can do all the calculations for now. However, you are free to edit any data multiple times, and you can also download your revised Project Report as many times as you want.

    I do not have any financial or accounting knowledge, will I still be able to use your software?

    Yes, you can! You do not need any financial background to use our software. You only need to enter the loan amount and a few basic details.

    If you still need help, we have a team of CAs and experts who can guide and assist you.

    FortRisk Consulting

    We offer innovative online solutions that empowers small business owners to effortlessly create essential project reports for loan applications. By partnering with banks and NBFCs, we also provide end-to-end support to help businesses secure financing. Our mission is clear: to simplify access to financial resources for entrepreneurs, making loans more accessible.
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